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  • Utenti attivi: 5489
  • Personaggi giocati: 10385
  • Personaggi morti: 2441
  • Inizio gioco: 4/11/2007

SS Mann

SS Mann
  • Punteggio: 40
  • Data iscrizione: 10/06/2017


I personaggi scelti da SS Mann

  • Naser Makarem Shirazi

    Naser Makarem Shirazi

    • Anno di nascita: 1926
    • Giocato in data: 30/08/2017
    • Stato: Vivo
    • Su Wikipedia

    Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi (Persian: ناصر مکارم شیرازی‎‎, born 3 December 1926 in Shiraz, Iran) is an Iranian Shia marja' and religious leader.

  • Uzi Even

    Uzi Even

    • Anno di nascita: 1940
    • Giocato in data: 10/06/2017
    • Stato: Vivo
    • Su Wikipedia

    Uzi Even (Hebrew: עוזי אבן‎‎, born 18 October 1940) is an Israeli professor emeritus of physical chemistry at Tel Aviv University and a former politician well known for being the first openly gay member of the Knesset.

  • Nuon Chea

    Nuon Chea

    • Anno di nascita: 1926
    • Giocato in data: 10/06/2017
    • Stato: Morto
    • Punti fruttati: 26
    • Su Wikipedia

    Nuon Chea (Khmer: នួន ជា; born Lau Kim Korn, 7 July 1926), also known as Long Bunruot (Khmer: ឡុង ប៊ុនរត្ន) or Rungloet Laodi (Thai: รุ่งเลิศ เหล่าดี), is a Cambodian former communist politician who was the chief ideologist of the Khmer Rouge. He also served as the Prime Minister of Democratic Kampuchea (31st Prime Minister of Cambodia).

  • Harry E. Goldsworthy

    Harry E. Goldsworthy

    • Anno di nascita: 1914
    • Giocato in data: 02/09/2019
    • Stato: Morto
    • Punti fruttati: 14
    • Su Wikipedia

    Lieutenant General Harry Edgar Goldsworthy (born April 3, 1914) is an American Air Force lieutenant general who was deputy chief of staff for systems and logistics, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C. He was responsible for all Air Force logistics support which includes procurement policy, maintenance engineering, transportation, supply and services, and foreign military assistance and sales.


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