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  • Utenti attivi: 5489
  • Personaggi giocati: 10386
  • Personaggi morti: 2444
  • Inizio gioco: 4/11/2007

Vyacheslav Dudka

Vyacheslav Dimitrievich Dudka (Russian: Вячеслав Дмитриевич Дудка) (born 1960) is the governor of Tula Oblast 2005-2011. He was nominated by Vladimir Putin in 2005.[1] On 29 July 2011 Dudka resigned from his post of the governor. Some sources connected his dismissal with the corruption scandal in which Dudka may be involved.[2] Eventually, in 2013, Dudka was sentenced for 9.5 years of penal colony for bribetaking.[3]


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